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Hey, check out interviews with members of VieTNam on discussing their instruments, set-ups, and gear accessories.

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Ken Schenck: guitar

Laurie G-Force: bass

Stan Satin: lead vocals, saxophone

David Dean: drums

Below, VieTNam performs their rendition of Polythene Pam and Laurie G-Force's original song Missing in Action live at eyedrum, Atlanta, October 7, 2006.

Widescreen Cinemascope video by Tim Theall

All 13 tracks from the album Past Away are available for download at the iTunes Store.

25 years in the making, the new album "Past Away" is now available in two versions. The official 6 page digipak release containing 13 tracks and over 60 minutes of music. Order now by clicking this button:

A Special Art Edition is also available in unique hand-painted, numbered and signed fold-out digipaks with a 4-page insert. 13 tracks, over 60 minutes of music.

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Vietnam formed at the dawn of the new decade---the 80's, and ushered in a fresh era of music to the Atlanta new wave scene. Embraced by the early 80's cavalcade of Athens bands like Pylon, Method Actors, R.E.M., Love Tractor, Limbo District, etc., Vietnam wowed the patrons of the legendary 688 club, 40 Watt club, and the Agora Ballroom, but unfortunately never released a record---until now. Order here:

Read a current review of Past Away by Chad Radford in
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