Vic Thrill & The Saturn Misfits

Artist / Band / Musician
Electro / Americana / Breakbeat
Circus Clone Records
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MANAGEMENT: BOOKING: VICKY THE POOH came from exotic brew-wave minstrels THE BOGMEN. Newly single in September of '99 and still with much frenetic energy to blow before death, he was now in the market for a faster and freakier machine, something that would resonate with his quixotic, afrobotic soul. Vic had always remembered one night at Brownies in New York City, when Rizzo from GARDEN VARIETY played steroidal, dissonant punk riffs that activated some manic lab chimp emotions, just what he was looking to tap into for this new band. RIZZO entered the Brooklyn Space Program (BSP) in 2000 and earned the name THE SATURN MISSILE by his peers. - Sonic orgiast and everevolving satellite member AURE DEXTRA contributed key musical elements to CIRCUS OF ENLIGHTENMENT and periodically shares the stage with VTSM providing segue sonics and photonic stimuli . VIC THRILL + THE SATURN MISSILE = ELECTRONIC MUSIC: ANALOG SOUL

To hear the story of Vic Thrill and Curly Oxide as originally aired on NPR's "This American Life," click the image above to go to the episode page. Photo by Chris Cassidy.
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