Velvet Hammer

Artist / Band / Musician
Velvet Hammer Music and Management Group
For over 10 years, Velvet Hammer Music and
Management Group has been nurturing and guiding the careers of artists. Our company strives for
continued, long-term success and universal relevance for our clients, an approach that embodies the "strength in elasticity," rather than "quick-fix"
Velvet Hammer took root back in 1998 when we began managing System Of A Down. Today, along with System, our management roster includes Alice in Chains, Coheed and Cambria, Cypress Hill, Deftones, Instant People, and Scars On Broadway.
In addition to artist management, Velvet Hammer has expanded into a record label and publishing company, signing and releasing records by bands including Taproot, Poison the Well, OneRepublic, Gratitude, and more. When we find an artist that we love, we are fully equipped in all capacities to work with them in any or all verticals that include management,
marketing, publishing, record label, consulting, etc.
By managing the whole brand of our artists on all sides, we are able to effectively grow their profile from the inside out. Together, with the online community we've assembled to carry out promotional operations for all of our artists, we grow every avenue of the artist's career and properly position them for success. This is the Velvet Hammer philosophy.
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