New York, US
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The Ulepics / Bassivity
Oneya (born August 17, 1979 in Belgrade, Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia) is a popular Serbian hip-hop producer and the founder of the Bassivity label.

Born Vanja Ulepic, he grew up in Belgrade, and later lived in several European countries. He graduated from Highschool of Design in 1993, and later Fine Art Academy in 1999. He also finished SAE Institute in NYC in 2006 and got Audio Technology Program (ATP) diploma.

After spending almost 5 years at the Full Bite studio, in 2000, Oneya founded Bassivity, the hiphop music label, which grew into full size record company Bassivity Music in 2002. This has been the first and to date only hip hop music record company not only in Serbia, but in the entire Balkans region.

He produced and collaborated on several albums and songs for groups and solo artists such as V.I.P., Marcelo, Struka, Shorty, Suid, Bad Copy, Lud, Trial, LoOney, Alexandra Kovac, Gru, 43zla, Juice, Edo Maajka, Gospoda, Sef Sale, Tokyo, THC La Familija, Target, General Woo, Stole, Connect, Grupna Terapija, and many others. He greatly helped the popularisation of hip hop music in Serbia in the new millennium.

Oneya is part of the music producing duo The Ulepics with his wife Janet Sewell

Current credits includes Jim Jones' mixtape Harlem's American Gangster.

Oneya is currently living in NYC.

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