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Auerbach Tonträger
VÀLI is a one-man project hailing from Norway, using only the acoustic guitar as a means of creating his unique music. 'Forlatt', his first demo album, is the first official recording of VÀLI put to tape and released worldwide. For this album he invited a female vocalist with an angelic voice who contributed some occassional singing parts, and cello, violin and flute players who enriched the sound with mesmerizing additions. 'Forlatt' in English means 'Abandoned', and this is how this album sounds - as if it was created in some obscure, abandoned place, visited by no-one and hidden deep in the heart of the woods. 'Forlatt' is enchanting, mesmerizing and delightful, comprising a wide range of deepest emotions and offering an unforgettable listening experience. It is not only the music that is captured on this album, it is also sheer human feelings and unique mood. Perfectly layered melodies, once teasing, calm and peaceful, the other time eerie and disturbing, but always on the high level composition-wise, is the key for VÀLI's music.

Now the Norwegian musician with a penchant for fairy-tale melodies has signed a five-albums contract with Auerbach. What is it that not just fans of folk music may look forward to? So far, reviewers have often referred to Ulver's pivotal album "Kveldssanger" -- not just because of a musical proximity, but rather because of the profound beauty of the songs that have mainly been created with acoustic guitar and cello. VÀLI himself is very pleased about the praise he received from the international press, but he points out the poor conditions of the recording sessions for "Forlatt". Hence, he gladly looks to the future: "On the coming releases, I will probably use more instruments than before, in order to give my music more means of expression." When asked what his goals with VÀLI are, the musician answers with modesty: "I just want to make marvellous music".

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