Debeli Precjednik - Music Saves - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 09, 2012

We're coming back
We're coming back
We're still around

Let the music take you
Let the music take you
Down underground, oh

You thought you killed us
You cannot kill us
We love this sound

No apologies
No apologies
Just way of life

I never thought that when I got caught with this music fix
That it will give me a kick for so long
And I thought my heart would just stop
But the void is filled with the drum beat instead
And so we go...
This is me, I've been here all along
And I'm singing...

I don't know any other way than this
Music saves

The music starts and it fills our hearts
And we've been fighting all along
Another beer with my friends all near
By my side and here we go
And we don't need any other shit
Just leave us alone
It's in my blood like a drug
And I want some more, I just want some more, oh
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