Uphill Battle

Ventura County, CALIFORNIA, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hardcore / Metal / Grindcore
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California’s UPHILL BATTLE began early 1999 under the name CRAWLSPACE. CRAWLSPACE originated as a side project from the other bands that its current members were in at the time. As CRAWLSPACE rose, these bands declined. Adi Tejada's band SOMNAMBULIST had broken up, Danny Walker left DESTROY BABYLON due to ‘political differences’ and the ambition to start a serious project, and Graham Clise parted ways with EAT SHIT AND DIE to pursue something new. With an optimistic attitude and a brutal vision, Adi teamed up with lead guitarist Eric Gormley and created the basic framework for what would later become something very special. The first UPHILL BATTLE line-up consisted of Adi on guitar and vocals, Eric on lead guitar, Danny on drums and vocals and Graham on bass and vocals. The quartet began to write material together and in the span of a couple of months, they finished writing the songs for what would later be 'Demo 1.' The band then changed their name to Uphill Battle and things were up and running.

'Demo 1' was recorded in May, 1999 containing 6 songs and limited to 400 copies. UPHILL BATTLE played their first show at the Pickle Patch June 7th, 1999. Three months later, UPHILL BATTLE entered the studio and recorded the "Writing in the Dark" for a split 7" with QUEST FOR QUINTANA ROO on Lo Pan Records.

In the summer of 2000, Graham left the group to play drums full time for the youth-crew punk band FIELDS OF FIRE. Graham was replaced by Jehf Jones, former vocalist for EAT SHIT AND DIE. Eric left the band shortly after Jehf joined and was replaced by Jeff Capra, former guitarist for EMBASS, A SOMETIMES PROMISE, STARING BACK, NATION OF LEPERS, MANUMISSION and current guitarist of HOLIER THAN THOU.

UPHILL BATTLE entered the studio in March, 2001 with producer Nick Rucker, and recorded the songs that would eventually comprise their Relapse debut. Shortly after the recording was complete Jehf announced that he was planning to move away and that 'the BATTLE' should start looking for a new bassist. The search ended within days when Joe Gonzalez promptly joined the band. Relapse Records, upon hearing the band’s new material, made UPHILL BATTLE the newest members of the Relapse family.

UPHILL BATTLE stormed heavy music’s elite on their self-titled Relapse debut. Combining grindcore’s speed and severity with a hardcore sense of tension, UPHILL BATTLE’s hectic riffing, strafing percussive assault and tortured vocals bled conviction and proved the band to be one of the scene’s brightest hopefuls. A high-profile tour slot as part of the 2003 Relapse Records Contamination Tour alongside labelmates MASTODON, CEPHALIC CARNAGE and DYSRHYTHMIA immediately followed, exposing the band to entirely new audiences, who ambitiously enjoyed the band’s devastating live performances. UPHILL BATTLE followed the Contamination tour jaunt with a high profile set at the 2003 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in Worcester, MA

UPHILL BATTLE advance the ever-changing face of hardcore with an atomic vigor on their new full-length, 'Wreck of Nerves.' Mixed by Matt Bayles (MASTODON, ISIS, THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES) and mastered by Scott Hull (PIG DESTROYER), 'Wreck of Nerves' fuses a triple vocal attack, sharp-edged guitar interplay, fleeting melody and uncanny intensity. On 'Wreck of Nerves,' UPHILL BATTLE achieve catharsis through dissonance, striking with a deadly potency.

UPHILL BATTLE disbanded in 2006, leaving behind 'Blurred' a menacing collection of their Pre-lapse rarities including demo and compilation tracks.

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