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Unzine is monthly online PDF magazine (in Croatian) which brings various topics usually neglect in mainstream media supported by various art, design and music contributions edited and designed by Croatian designer Rafaela Drazic.

Unzine is a mixture of two technologies due to the fact that it “lives” both on the Net and on paper. While print magazine is characterised by stability, physical presence of the product, fixedness and paper, print and duplication expenses, the Net is characterised by the possibility of growth, movement and accessibility to a much wider user circle.

Since Unzine has an integral solution, it can be read on screen, as well as printed out on paper, and can be further duplicated and circulated among the interested readers. The PDF also allows the possibility of writing in commentaries in a space allowed for it, but they can also be shifted, and deleted. Each version of the journal created after the hard copy is made is thus potentially different. The person who creates the hard copy can then be directly involved in the process of forming the meanings sent onwards.

Unzine has been created with the intention of compensating for the diminishing presence of nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) in the public sphere, caused by the changes on the Croatian media scene.

At the beginning of the 21st century, this scene has gotten progressively more closed off for the subject matter that was covered in the 1990s not only by the so-called alternative-culture publications, but mainstream media as well. At present, most of the Croatian print media are owned by the international publishing corporations whose operation is guided by the profit margins.

Contributors: Thomas Keeley, Hector de Gregorio, Jeffrey Bowman, Slang International, Delaware, Victoria Reynolds, Damien Poulain, Karlo Kazinoti, Vojin Hraste, John Fekner, Sarah Maple, Deborah Sengl, Oliver Bishop, Lina Kovacevic, Kraffhics, Leut Magnetik, Plin, No Name No Fame, Startas, DW, Schwefelgelb, The Mania Agape, We Have Meteorite Sickness, Margita je mrtva, Let's Get Invisible and Pascal.


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