Sandusky, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Crunk / Christian Rap / Turntablism
Jimbo Rocko is rocking the parties everywhere with his virtually timeless 5-song album "Future Sounds". Thousands of albums have been sold since its March 30, 2010 debut. Concert goers and DJs alike are tearing up on tracks like "Dance Fever" and "Shawty Wanna Know". Without missing a beat, Jimbo heads back into the studio this summer to work on a new full length album that is sure to find its place on any dance floor.
"The Future Sounds project was a good start for me. I felt very connected with the music. It felt like a marriage of sorts. I was one with the melodies. I would hear the drums still ringing in my head when I'd sleep. All of the shows I performed, the people LOVED IT! I would have conversations with people for hours afterwards. It was amazing. Very inspiring! I wouldn't have it any other way. But the music industry is always changing. There's always something new, or refurbished, or done better than before. There's more dance music now. There's a lot more synthesizers now. A lot more 4-on-the-floor beats. That is where I want to be. That's where I need to be."
Fans and critiques alike can find themselves dancing and singing along to almost every track off the new album. With music inspirations coming from artists such as Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Akon, and TobyMac, listeners will be eager to max out their speakers and dance the night away.
"I promise that this album will be much different than anything I've ever done before. What will set this album a part from the rest is not only my lyrical content clean and non-explicit, but musically and melodically it will stand above the rest. I am confident in that. I am working with some top notch people on this record. I am going for gold. I won't settle for less!"
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