Ulysses Siren

SF Bay Area, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Metal / Thrash
Relentless Records
.Ulysses Siren formed in 1983 in South San Francisco when Steve Pickering and Manny Lopez got together in their senior year in high school and decided to form a band.
Ulysses Sirens demo Terrorist Attack in 1985 became the 1 selling underground demo at the Record Vault and radio play on KUSF.
The band reunited in 2002 when Relentless Records decided Ulysses Sirens 80s demos were worth pressing. The underground popularity grew and Ulysses Siren received strong reviews with publications such as Metal Hammer Greece comparing Ulysses Siren to early Slayer. Ulysses Siren decided to reform for a concert in the park called Tital Wave in San Francisco 2002. As the fighting pursued even before the show the band disbanded again after the show.
Like raising the Titanic, Ulysses Siren rose again towards the end of 2005 with the following line-up. Manny Lopez on vocals, Steve Pickering & Jon Torres on guitars, Joe J on Bass and the band recruited long time friend Will Carroll on drums. Look for Ulysses Siren on tour 2006, WE WILL BE LOOKING FOR YOU.

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Terrorist Attack

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Ulysses Siren - Terrorist Attack
April 21st, 2006
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