Ultra Living

Tokyo, JP
Artist / Band / Musician
"1110" by HiM (now includes Ultra Living) out now

HiM at O-Nest, Tokyo, 2010, Part I

HiM at O-Nest, Tokyo, 2010, Part II

Ultra Living with HiM at O-Nest, Tokyo, 2007

HiM Japan Tour 2008, edited by Akio Okamoto

"entwurf" from the album "transgression" (2000)

Video directed by Takao Minami

"happy as a clam" from the album "through" (2002).

Video directed by Akio Okamoto



"1110 / HiM"('08 afterhours/jp)

"zoonomia"('07 p-vine/jp)

"through" ('02 afterhours aft034) review

"transgression" ('00 afterhours aft014 / artefact [fr] art28 ) review

"monochromatic adventure" ('98 creation [uk] cre211)


"preppy mc death of hip hop vol.1" ('01 ozone [us] ozo08827-6) review

"entwurf" ('00 afterhours aft012)

"absurdly pedantic" ('00 artefact [fr] art37)

"homesick" ('98 creation [uk] cre286)

"sweetest pleasure" ('97 creation [uk] cre251)

"freeze, die & revive" ('97 creation [uk] ctp286)

remix works

"sea level" him / him remix series vol.1 japan ('02 fatcat / bubblecore [uk / us] fb01) review

"日曜日の娘" puffy / PRMX 1('99 sony [jp] SYUM-0130)

"rev splash" ken ishii / island - continents - 600mhz ('98 sony / r&s [jp / eu] no.aivt)

"keep on keepin' on" pigeonhed / flash bulb emergency overflow cavalcade of remixes ('97 sub pop [us] sp0408)

"it's like the man said" pigeonhed / it's like the man said ('97 sub pop [us] sp0397)

"bullfrog green" the boo radleys / c'mon kids ('96 creation [uk] cre236)

"crabs" 18 wheeler / crabs ('96 creation [uk] cre232)

"the hours and the times" 18 wheeler / the hours and the times ('96 creation [uk] cre219

"gone! " the cure / gone! ('96 fiction [uk] ficdd53/575 927-2)
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