Cruel Criminal - Starshrine of the heroes (2006) Italian death metal - Video
PUBLISHED:  Dec 18, 2009
Cruel Criminal - death metal band from Italy from 1995 to 2008.
This song is called "Starshrine of the heroes" and it's from the album "Souldrain Enslavement" (2006)

Cruel Criminal members in 2006:

Cico: drums
Pedro: rythm guitar
Ivan: lead & rythm guitars
Lho: scream
Dario: bass


(A tale of completion)

Strange runes like bricks on my roadway
Leading my run on the path
Stars, undefined horizon
The pulse to run is unknown

Great is the change in my being
Great the transformation
As an endless travel I try
But finally I meet the threshold

Gnosis or hypnosis I don't care
In a journey thats more important
Than a goal which sometimes strays
Im going to keep on fighting
In the struggle to evolve
archimedean forces pull me up
Perpetuous chrysalis leading my cosmic flight

From kether may a hand take mine
Anyway I must reach the temple while
Through the cosmos I see corpses
Of the many who tried, oh, so many failed!
Unveiling the illusion, discovering the truth

Sufference was it worth to
fulfil the searcher's goal
The road to the starshrine is long
What prize made me do all this what prize?

Very few manage to arrive at the starshrine
And save their eyes to enjoy the view
Continuously snatched by two forces
One takes you forth, one takes you down
One is the master of learning
One is the anti-master, ultra-bastard

Walking through the main marbles hall
To the azure era of enlightenment
To the principle, root of manifested emanation

All the runes fade in this void field of time,
While the knowledge becomes
consciousness in this place without ego.
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