Ultimo Asalto

Barcelona, ES
Artist / Band / Musician
Ultimo Asalto was born in 1998 in Barcelona. The first gig was in 1999, in the summer of 2000 they record their first Lp/CD called "Nuestro orgullo pasado" doing 2 editions(1 in europe and 1 one in Spain). Later is edited their first records that were recorded 1 year ago(4 tracks called"Soldados del asfalto" recorded with first drummer). Begin the first big gigs playing with Os Catalepticos, Oxymoron and 1 great fest in Barcelona called "Sense Nom". There played big bands like Dead Kennedys, Discipline, Angelic Upstarts, M.C.D., Oxymoron, etc.

Later, they change the line-up. One guitar goes and another with HxC influences begins to play in the band. They record in 2003 their second Ep "En pie de guerra"(4 tracks with a bit different sound). They begin to play in Europe. A guy from Caracas(Venezuela) begins to play in the band too(he is a guitarrist). Their influences are psycho-billy and rock. Then, they play with big bands like Templars, Nekromantix, Anti-Nowhere League, Cockney Rejects.

The second Lp/CD is edited, the name is "Solos Contra Todos" (10 tracks). They present it in Germany near Toxpack and SS-Kaliert(great guys!!!).

Later, follow good gigs with Verlorene Jungs(in Switzerland) and UK Subs.

Is edited an split EP with the great Volxsturm. And UA plays in a big festival in Germany called "End Less Summer Open Air" with bands like Exploited, Mad Sin, The Bones, Broilers, etc. Now are preparing the new tracks for the new album, and will play in Punk'n' Disorderly in Berlin, UA played at same festival in 2006(now repeat in 2007). The new album is be called "Mi Camino.", and is released trough Randale Records, Rebellion Records and Tiger Heroes Records.

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