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PUBLISHED:  Oct 24, 2011
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Future. Beats by the FANS. It's alotta gold and pink bottles being popped right now. Lazenby you called this one, another get money anthem

Its raining money, hallelujah, its raining money. Amen
I'm gonna go out, I'm gonna let myself get absolutely soaking wet
Its raining money

Verse 1
Money is the root of all money trees
drop a stack and plant a seed, spout and fall like autumn leaves
or winter green, it keeps me super clean
shower down, I am on my Irish Springs
Generous, I done made everyone around me rich
It fall from the sky, can't catch all this
The money keep coming just like my hits
I don't give no hints, she already knew the deal when she hopped in the whip
Wood grain, leather, pimp, while the moon reflect my wrist
My God I'm blessed, but this don't make no sense
On a Vegas trip, tossing up my chips
This track it go so G tho, so I aint gotta say no homo
Got money let me hear you go loco


Verse 2
"Weatherman, weatherman, tell me what the weather is"
"Fyütch, its looking sunny with a chance of dead presidents"
I say how that is? He say he don't know
So I'll just go with it, just go with the flow
My cup it overfloweth, I'm reaping that I'm sowing
The irony of my luxury is that money wasn't my motive
Just take care of my folks', be humble and stay focused
Love what I do for a living and tell the doubters get off my scrotum
Money for the Lotus, money for these Jordans
Money for this ounce that I just bought cuz I'ma smoke it
This track it go so G tho, so I aint gotta say no homo
Got money let me hear you go loco


Verse 3
Forget a stage, me and Lazenby we touring banks
Out in Europe blowing Euros and Swiss Francs
Louis duffle bag where I keep the hustle stash
So much money coming in I need a Louis dam
I can't complain, some folk don't like the rain
But I love the sound of falling money hitting my window pain
I swear I must've died broke and woke up Born Again
Fly as hell, living well, stacking Benjamins
And I aint have to sell my soul or make no deal with Satan
If I can do it then you can to, look at how much money I'm making
This track it go so G tho, so I aint gotta say no homo
Got money let me hear you go loco

Chorus x2

GMAD Exclusive http://www.goodmusicallday.com/2011/10/future-rainin-money-produced-by-the-fans-gmad-exclusive/

Cover design by Tyzayah Gold-Kiser
Photo by Taylor Smith
Produced by The FANS
Mixed by Joe Frye
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