Ty Wills

Ohio, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Rap / Indie
Stay Beat Music LLC
The AND 1 of RAP

Tyrone "Ty Wills" Williams

Ty Wills born in Toledo, Ohio; Ty began his career at the early age 0f twelve. After many difficulties with stammering in his speech when speaking to and in front of people, he would soon discover that once he stepped up to the microphone any speech issues he had before the studio would instantly disappear. He continuously lays down magical, crafty, yet very creative lyrics. With his fan base beginning with family and friends to Ty Wills Google it. His fan base continues to rapidly expand, and you can find him on CD Baby, MySpace, and TyWillsMusic.com as well as virtually everywhere on the internet.

Ty Wills and his outstanding Resume’ from working with various artist’ such as Bizzy Bone, Squad Up, Lil’ Flip, Neef, Cadillac Tah, Black Child, Juelz Santana and to his own recording artist 211 Click. With the mass amount of albums and or songs he has recorded; Just Spittin’, Man on fire, Supa Contra, All About My Paper, The Duke Boys, Everybody Feels Ty Wills, Lemonade Stand, and his Newest Album Ty Wills Google It, You can definitely understand why the world should hear Ty Wills. His Lyrics are not your stereo-typical same beat sounds like the same song played on the radio today.

With over forty-thousand Cds’ sold on the street Ty Wills continues to strive and succeed even after going through a life altering tragedy of a home invasion which almost resulted in the loss of an upcoming icon after receiving a gunshot wound in the back. It is quite obvious that nothing can stop this star from reaching his super-stardom status he is at today.

Ty Wills currently owns and operates Stay Beat Studios Located in the heart of Downtown Columbus, Ohio. Working endless Hours to produce Hot tracks, Hot hits, it is not a wonder why everyone feels Ty Wills. Ty has been the genius behind the street promotion, while overseeing his outstanding yet successful street teams promoting his next hit within the community, concerts, events, and the clubs. You can play Ty Wills on your IPod with His Blazin’ songs found on ITunes, or download his hits on your cellular phone with his super hot catchy ringtones. When booking Ty Wills the end result is a sold out show with an overwhelming standing ovation and you will realize that he commands your attention. In order to get to know Ty Wills on a more personal level GOOGLE IT.

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