Lost in Germany by King's X (Ty Tabor) cover - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 18, 2012
"Lost in Germany" cover by the band King's X recorded 6 weeks post-op from spine surgery. I didn't try to nail Ty Tabor's Gibson Lab Series tone here. I played my Ty Tabor signature RGX-TT guitar through a Line 6 POD XT with the Plexi Variac amp model and recorded direct into Digital Performer 7.2 while playing along with the mp3 audio file from the album and brought my guitar level up in the mix (listen to the song sample in iTunes or Amazon.com and you can hear the difference in guitar tone if your not familiar with King's X). I recorded this 6 weeks post-op from cervical spine surgery as this was one of many riffs I was frustrated that I could no longer play due to loss of function, coordination and clumsiness in both hands and my fingers for the past several years. My Surgeon said some of the damage to the spinal cord may be permanent but it will take 1 year to know for sure how much function I get back. God Bless my surgeon as I felt some immediate improvement as I could have not played this riff 2 months ago or even 2-3 years ago (although my left hand is still too clumsy to play the chromatic lick at 2:12 in the correct position so I use open strings to make it easier). It's a great feeling to enjoy playing guitar again and to turn the pages of books while reading to my daughter without the frustration. My guitar playing had deteriorated slowly over the last 3 years or so that I attributed to not playing or practicing much anymore. Lesson learned, don't ever ignore health symptoms that effect something you love to do!!!
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