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Turmoil, the groundbreaking noise-core five-piece from Philadelphia, have now fittingly signed with Eulogy Recordings, a label whose reputation is etched in stone as a cornerstone of the crossover metalcore movement. The band have also partnered up with Freeze Artist Management (My Chemical Romance, the Used, Story of the Year, Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos tours) and Keith Isola (Madball, Head Automatica) to ensure not one fan of cutting-edge crossover be left undisturbed by Turmoil's enraged presence on the scene. The long-awaited, as-yet-unnamed, follow-up to their monumental third album, The Process Of, is completely written and will be released this summer to coincide with an extensive touring campaign.

In the past couple of years Turmoil have shared the stage with a wide array of respected artists from the vast reaches of underground music, including Converge, Obituary, Hatebreed, Sick of it All, Agnostic Front, Darkest Hour, Death By Stereo, Coalesce, and Madball. Most recently, the band completed a west coast tour with The Warriors and Set Your Goals, as well as two successful tours across Europe, first with Nine, and later with Most Precious Blood.

Blending early death and thrash metal influences along with some crust punk into the mix like no other since, Turmoil’s three full-lengths on Century Media, From Bleeding Hands (1995), Anchor (1998), and The Process Of (1999) led the band on multiple world tours where they built fan bases that remain loyal as ever. In late 2005, the band released a comprehensive double-disc discography, Staring Back, as a testament to the ground they had broken throughout that decade.

Historically, true artists have always been ahead of the curve, for which Turmoil are a modern example. Born from the diverse and political hardcore scene of the nineties, their experimentation and technicality quickly set them apart from the metallic hardcore style pioneered by Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, and D.R.I. as they incorporated evil, dissonant guitar tones and challenging song structures for an entirely different creature. One of the band's most consistent influences, Voivod, provided much of the inspiration to take an avant-gardist approach to songwriting rather than follow the pack. This strategy continues to serve them well, as their urgent Black Sabbath-meets-Black Flag riffs are draped over unique time signatures for a sound that can never be considered outmoded. The unsuspecting masses have no idea what is about to hit them.


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