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TU on Polish TV, October 2007

TU is Trey Gunn (Touch Guitar), Pat Mastelotto (Rhythmic devices). They met at Peter Gabriel's Real World studio in spring 1993. After several months touring the globe with David Sylvian and Robert Fripp they were invited into King Crimson .

In November 2002, a few months after mixing the King Crimson TPTB CD, Trey and Pat absconded to Matt Chamberlains loft studio in Seattle with engineer, Bill Munyon.

Being Seattle (a city that drinks a lot of coffee), they formed a daily habit

of drinking coffee which was immediately followed by more coffee and

then a jam. Later, they would drink more coffee, organize the jam into a form,

and drink more coffee and jam again. By the end of the day, which was

really the beginning of the next day, they would pause for coffee and Absinthe and do a rough mix. After some sleep followed by coffee, they would repeat

the process allowing the muse to take them where she willed, which was usually

for more coffee and jam (except for that one day with smoked salmon and

coffee). After 10 days of this they had 99% the CD called TU. The

last 1% required calander breaks and still more coffee.

Tu debut live gig was in Russia april 2004. TU gigs are improvisational and usualy allow other duos to join them (TU+2). Besides the Russians TU has been joined by the Finlandish accordian duo Kluster (KTU). In Los Angeles TU was joined by Iranian singer Azam Ali and Eels drummer Butch (a live bootleg of this show has been released).

In 2007 Tu joined TOOL for two shows, . . . .(and made a freekin myspace page).

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