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Crown City Records

Trujillo (a.k.a. Freko Tru), was born Arick Moreaux on June 12th, 1981 in Park Slope, Brooklyn. A first-generation American, Trujillo’s parents emigrated to Brooklyn from the Dominican Republic in search of a better life for them and their children. When Trujillo was three years old, the family relocated to Corona, Queens, where he grew up “a true 80’s baby… in the era of violence, drugs, and hip-hop,” the latter proving most influential on the young artist. Developing an affinity for hip-hop music at an early age, Trujillo grew up listening to trailblazers such as Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, and Kool G Rap. He also listened to the politically outspoken and culturally revolutionary KRS One, who asserted the notion that power comes through knowledge and teaching, not violence. It makes sense, then, that Trujillo, while not being overtly political in his content, does attempt to tap into social issues, especially within his own Latin community. “My music isn’t really political, it’s more the lifestyle, but with a hint of social awareness. I want to continue to build the Latin identity within the culture as well as open the world to new ideas and a new sound, because at the end of the day we are all from the same struggle.”

With a strong emphasis on establishing himself as a Latin identity in the hip-hop community, Trujillo cites fellow Latino rappers Big Pun and Juju of the Beatnuts as two of his major influences. “The reason Juju inspired me was because he was the first Latin MC to get signed from my hood which made me believe that if he can do it, I can do it. Big Pun inspired me because he was the first Latin MC to go platinum. His success was very inspirational being that he was Latin and maintained being a true MC and sold major numbers.” Growing up in the city, Trujillo couldn’t help but be influenced by his surroundings. “My music reflects my environment: all the experiences that I have been through or what I have seen first hand that altered my life and my decision making.”

In the five years Trujillo has been out as a rapper, he has been making a name for himself on such high-traffic, high-profile websites such as, where he was awarded the May 2006 Demo of the Month for his album Since 1981. He has also accumulated a respectable 40,000 + downloads on that site alone. He has performed at numerous venues and showcases around the tri-state area as well as Orlando, Florida. In addition, he has also garnered airplay on major radio stations throughout New York, Connecticut, Florida, and North Carolina.

Trujillo, along with Crown City Records, are intent on leaving a memorable impression on the world of hip-hop. “I feel like a lot of people have forgotten about the true elements of hip-hop…everything now sounds very generic and lacks originality. People are more worried about what sells instead of being themselves and being an artist, not a puppet for these record labels. I want to bring the fun back to hip-hop and remind people that this hip-hop music started with and expression and a lifestyle.”


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