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trickski is a collaboration of the two producers and djs yannick labbé and daniel "stoerte" becker as well as mc jack migger a.k.a. fna, who joins them for special events.

they first joined forces about in 2004, even though all members had known each other long before. all of them are from freiburg, the wonderfully warm black forest region of Germany. it was there where they got infected with club music at rainer trüby's monthly "root down" joint.

when they found themselves together again after one by one moving to berlin it was time to start trickski. yannick had just released his first 12" hotbox/gallieni on daniel paul's cabinet label while fna and daniel had figured out that they would rather be on the artist side than on the club side of the night life business.

Having been educated by rainer trüby's famous jazz and disco knowledge, yannick and daniel quickly moved forward towards rougher house and techno sounds. one can hear this evolution in trickski's first releases. while "hormony" kicked off the black label series on compost records as a dirty consense track for the nujazz and the cosmic crowd, "sweat" released on sonar kollektiv, was already heading more into the house and techno field. the greatest surprise and compliment trickski could receive came from detroit. carl craig, their long time idol, selected "sweat" for his fabric 25 compilation and turned it into a small underground hit.

a few remixes later, jazzanova - impressed by the fresh and unique sound of trickski - decided to give them the responsibility for a new club series on their label Sonar Kollektiv. This honor was first given to Dixon who started his own series entitled "innervisions" before and recently got independant with it. However, now it was trickski's turn, and thus, "member of the trick" was born.

yannick and daniel as a&rs and designers of this sub-label signed artists like the somewhat rare and strange leroy and darnell from detroit, the "skwerl" with his house anthem "all woman" featuring hubert tubbs as a vocalist. another mott release is by the hot pic of 2007 "future beat investigators" from finland. trickski of course, releases their own music on MOTT as well. "at les," a cover version of carl craigs classic techno tune, was their first big seller, followed by "powerhorse" which was more experimental (on mott07) and the deep house stabber "lost tape/lost dub" which featured the split ep "meerkats" as well as the much hyped artist "solomun" from hamburg.

after releasing their label compilation "members of the trick" with special edits of all the hits and exclusive tracks a remix 12" rounds up the series. trickski's treatment for solomun's "black rose" is getting lots of airtime by big names like, Ame, Jazzanova, Roland Appel or Willie Graff. to just name a few.

right now trickski is working on their album and a few club 12"s for different labels.

trickskis dj sets are always fun! they see the house / techno field in a broad context and move in a triangle between deep and jacking NY house to techno and more moody disco and cosmic tunes. one can experience that at their moonthly residency at cookies (every third tuesday a month). if you are only interested in a straight night of minimal techno you are definitely wrong booking trickski. but you can exspect surprises, great music and sweat all over the place!

trickski djs at clubs like, cookies, weekend or tape (berlin) fabric, the end and bar54 (london) club 11 (amsterdam), dornroosje (nijmwegen) culture box (copenhagen), rollerboys (stockholm), zukunft (zurich), goa (madrid), batofar and nouveau casino (paris), trintaeum (porto), brancaleone (rome), sottomarino giallo (milan), dada (tel aviv) übel & gefährlich (hamburg), registratur (münchen) or root down (freiburg)

trickski has also been the official representative for germany at "gerMany Faces" in australia for the goethe institut.


Trickski „Hormony“ – Compost Black Label 01

Trickski "Sweat" / "Sunshine Fu*k" / SK063

Trickski Member Of The Trick 02 "The Bat" (incl "Grace" & At "Les" MOTT02/SK110

Yannick Labbé Member Of The Trick 05 "Le Coq Sportif" (incl. "Gallieni" & "Hotbox") MOTT05/SK131

Trickski "Maingirl" exclusive on . Broadcasting (compiled by Jazzanova & Dirk Rumpff)

Trickski - Member Of The Trick 07 "Powerhorse" (incl. "Drakkar" & "Powerhorse")

Trickski/Solomun - Member Of The Trick 09 "Meerkats" (incl. "Lost Tape" & "Lost Dub")

Trickski - Sweat (incl. Greenskeepers, Martin Solveig & Broken Reform remixes) re-release on Defected (DFTD177)

Trickski - Members Of The Trick 10: "More Meerkats" incl.:

Solomun: Black Rose (Trickski Remix)

Trickski: Move Me (Phonique Remix)

Yannick L: Gallieni (Skwerl Remix)


Slope "Citysteps" (Yannick L's Trickski Mix) SK036

Mustang „10.000 leagues deeper“Trickskis „weather report“ CPT187-1

12th Floor "Salsa 313" (Trickski Remix) RF018

Studio R feat. Mocky "Clapz" (Trickski Remix) SK68

Movementz Member Of The Trick 03 "the locust - 29 calls (Trickski Remix)

Martin Solveig "Rejection" Trickski Darque Deube & Remix (mixt24)

Jamie Lloyd - U & I (Trickski rmx) - Future Classics


Compilation “I like it! Vol. 2“ on Compost Records, incl. Trickski exclusive track! With Trevor Jackson, Richard Dorfmeister & Pole

Trickski tracks appear on compilations like Fabric 25 (by Carl Craig) and 26 (by Global Communications), Get Lost (by Damian Lazarus), Body Language (by DJ T) and Broadcasting (by Jazzanova) etc.


UK & Ireland:

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