SEATTLE, Washington, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Gothic / Emo
Coco Tauro Records
Song Name: Fever

Album: "Awakening, Level One."

Video by Robert Bailey and Tony Nelson

Song Name: Fear

Album: "Awakening, Level One."

Video by Glen "The Shady One"

Live at the Sunset Tavern

Song Name: Monster

Album: "Photo Album of Complex Relationships"

Video by Barbara Trentalange, Artwork by Alberto Cerriteno

Song Name: Fear

Album: "Awakening, Level One"

Video by Mandolin Hooper

Named one of the top ten artists to watch in 2008.

-Seattle Sound Magazine.

There are a lot of dark torch singers in this shabby world,

but none more velvety and atmospheric than Trentalange.

-Skratch Magazine

The first solo album by Crooked Fingers alum Barbara Trentalange bridges the gap between Portishead's Dummy in 1995 and a post-meltdown sound of the future. The Seattle-based singer and multi-instrumentalist, who wrote and recorded all of the disc's songs, takes the moody, hypnotic quality of mid-90's trip-hop and adds an art-rockish urgency that pays a bigger debt to Kraftwerk than to Roxy Music. The result is twelve magnetic songs in minor keys that are a far cry from your older sister's goth records.

-venus magazine

Photo Album is a powerful and affecting work by any measure, but as Barbara Trentalange's debut solo statement, it is an astonishing achievement.


This is a inspired work, the sort of album that will sound better five years down the line. Gorgeous, strong and unwavering. I'd put it in a vault to save, but I just have to hear it once more.

-Aiding and Abetting

Photo Album of Complex Relationships is a triple threat of strong instrumentation, lyrics and vocals. The album's 12 tracks incorporate Trentalange's unique and oftentimes haunting voice woven into diverse instrumentation of strings, piano and strong percussion lines.

-Daily Tar Heel

It is not solely the music that makes this a great album, but her vocals, as well. They are haunting, yet soothing at the same time. At various, points listeners may feel as though they are hearing the laments of a fallen angel.

-Daily Aztec
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