Trance Balkan Desorganisation

Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Breakbeat / Blues
TRANCE BALKAN DESORGANISATION is a mix of two generations of musicians from Novi Sad - blues punks and electronic hiphopers joined in order to create something new and different. They manage to be balanced and progressive at the same time, incorporating raw sound of a regular drum and distorted bass guitar into large quantity of electronics, studiously planning every single detail and mixing hiphop and breakbeat with punk, blues and funk.

Their lyrics are engaged but simple and aimed at lifting up the listener, while their performance is rough but rythmic.

The result is a music that makes you want to dance.

The members are: Bebec (bass, backv), Shpira (vocals,efx,percussions), Cina (drums), DJ Dee (scratch&backv), Misha Romic(live sound engenieer).

CONTACT US AT: trancebalkan[AT]gmail[DOT]com
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