Rijeka, Cr
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Hardcore
The band was originally formed in 2001. But made its first steps in 2002. When we performed in a local demo bands festival. The members then were Tomislav Matic, Darijan Dundovic, Vedran Iskra, Petar Brkovic and Davor Cikovic.
Not long after we recorded our first demo album called ''Brže, više, žešce, released under a local demo label. The release had since gone out of print. After, we played a lot more shows side by side with some well-know Croatian bands. In 2004. our drummer at the time Vedran Iskra left the band to be replaced by Igor Žunjic. Shortly after, our rhythm guitarist Davor Cikovic was compelled to leave the band because of his education that he continued in our capital city, Zagreb. Ivan Brajkovic filled his position.
In the year 2006. we had new material ready, so we recorded our second demo album we called ''La marionetta''. The album got some nice reviews from Croatian webzines and a good feedback from the people. The drummer position was again taken by Vedran Iskra due to Igor Žunjic's decision to leave the band.
Following the release we started playing frequently in Croatia, but also outside of our country, like Slovenia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina with local bands but with international bands as well.
We recorded a 4-track EP in 2007. that was not released but got the band a larger fan base in Croatia. The EP was promoted by a Croatian tour all over the country with shows in every larger city and almost any place we could possibly play a gig in. Along side we were working on new songs, planning to record again, only this time it would be a full length release. Unfortunately we were forced to take a break in 2008. because of some school and some work obligations that made us unable to record or perform. After the break, in 2009. we started re-writing the material and managed to record two brand new songs that can now be found on our myspace page. We are working on a video and merchandise and plan to record as soon as possible. Also we began a search for a serious label and booking agency as we plan to hit the road in Europe right after the mini Croatian/Balkan tour that is being booked at the moment.
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