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Il nuovo album nei negozi di dischi dal 10 Aprile 2009!!

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>>Visita Torpedo su YouTube<<

>>Visita Torpedo su YouTube<<

>>Visita Torpedo su YouTube<<

TerraStation is Torpedo's third album, released by Edel/WayOut in 2009. The new record presents the exceptional participation, among others, of Lee "Scratch" Perry, the true genius and father of dub and reggae that today the whole world celebrates for his extraordinary ability in the sound research, Dujeous, New York based hip-hop band, and Stefano Benni, italian top seller writer, who has written for Torpedo the lyrics of the track "La musica nel sangue".

It is the first work of the band with the new singer Khora, charismatic vocalist and toaster from the reggae culture.

Coming out after four years from the prior publication "L'Ingranaggio", "Terrastation" is the natural continuation of the band's music, a sound that is a contamination between genres, in particular, dub, punk, drum'n'bass and hip-hop, and a style research that now seems to reach maturation.

The artwork of the album has been realized by the two most famous Roman street artists, Sten and Lex, emblems of the new generation of urban artists, whose fame is now expanding throughout Europe. Their posters and stencils have become part of the urban landscape of Rome and many European cities (London, Paris, Barcelona, Copenhagen), and their works are in many galleries such as the Pure Evil Gallery in London and in the most important Street Art Festival, including the last Can's Festival organized by Banksy.

Torpedo are now touring accross Italy and are planning to export their exploding shows, mix of punk energy and bass vibes, outside national borders.

Torpedo also collaboreted with italian cinema directors such as Renato De Maria and Libero De Rienzo for the original soundtracks of the movies "Amatemi" and "Sangue. La morte non esiste".

Torpedo's adventure starts in 1998: back then the band is called The Tommy's Killers and it mixes a punk inclination with ska-rocksteady sonorities filled with certain upbeats that were soon going to characterize their performances.

They are, already from the beginning, thrown in an intense live activity that brings them on the stage of a festival in Rome called Enzimi 2005, thanks to which they stands out as one of the most interesting and lively groups of the Roman underground scene. A label, Altipiani, notices them and in 2001 they release their first album "Radio Torpedo Indipendente", distributed by Il Manifesto. In winter 2001, some of the songs on the album are selected to be part of the soundtrack of the late tv-show on Rai Tre, called "Okkupati".

Between December 2001 and August 2003 they are engaged in the Radio Torpedo Indipendente Tour, followed also by a promo tour through the studios of several Italian radios, a tour that helps Torpedo getting the attention of target radios and increases their success as well.

This is the most intense time for the band, who performs on the stages of many of the most known Italian music events, having the chance to play with already established realities, such as Shaggy, Alborosie, Roy Paci & Aretuska, Punkreas, Banda Bassotti, Sud Sound System, Michael Rose.

Torpedo's music, thanks to the experiences accumulated on stages and in outdoors venues all over Italy, even if maintaining the upbeat features, has been contaminated by nuances borrowed from dub, drum'n'bass and, most in general, from electronica.


Radio Torpedo Indipendente -2001- Altipiani/Il Manifesto

Apparecchio Mediatico [single] -2003- Altipiani

L'Ingranaggio -2004- V2/Sony Music

L'ingranaggio [new edition] -2005- V2/Edel

TerraStation -2009- Wayout-Torpedo/Edel
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