How Close Does It Get? : Real Cab vs Two Notes Torpedo - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jul 12, 2016
In this new series I wanna compare real amps to their modelled counterpart as well as speaker simulations to the real deal etc.
To make this possible I'll try to keep everything the same (except for the devices we're comparing of course), so in this case I'll compare the Diezel 4x12 miked with a single sm57 to its Two Notes Torpedo counterpart.

IMO they're actually even closer than the order of the files makes one think.

cause I thought I heard a difference, but when I reversed the order I believed to hear the same difference...
So I think it's how the riff is played in the beginning vs. the end.

When I put both files in PT and switched between them, trying to
guess what's what, I wasn't guessing right in much more than 50% of the cases...
it's ridiculous how close they are

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Expect more gear comparisons to come!
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