THROBBING GRISTLE - San Francisco 29/05/1981 - Video
PUBLISHED:  Dec 17, 2019
Live at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, CA, USA 29/05/1981

01. Dead Souls
02. Guts on the Floor
03. Circle of Animals
04. Looking for OTO
05. Vision and Voice
06. Funeral Rites
07. Spirits Flying
08. Persuasion
09. The Process
10. Discipline

Peter Christopherson:Tapes/Sampler/Electronics
Cosey Fanni Tutti:Guitar/Cornet/Tapes
Chris Carter:Synthesizers/Tapes/Electronics/Programming
Genesis P-Orridge:Bass/Vocals

*uploaded from an official video tape
(tag):THROBBING GRISTLE, Kezar Stadium, Live in US, live footage, live video, music video
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