Thrice - Hurricane (TBEITBN Sessions) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 03, 2016
The New Album "To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere" Out Now.

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Those flowers I found you
Were the truest red that I’d ever seen
Till you cut yourself on their thorns
You winced and I kissed you
And I kissed your palms and we both laughed
So unaware of the gathering storm
It’s gonna rain, it’s gonna rain
Till the levee breaks
A tidal wave of fear and pain carries us away
Another fight into the night
Until nothing else remains
How do we find harbor from the hurricane?
Now sheltered in shadows
The quiet song of your breath stirs the dark
Your skin like a rose ‘neath my hand
I can’t keep from wondering
Why nothing good can ever stay
Why faith feels like a fistful of sand


Produced by: Don't Touch My Radio, LLC
Directed by: Collier Landry
Executive Producer: Taylor Bringuel
Production Coordinator: Victor Trubowitch
A Cam Op: Joe Barnes
B Cam Op: Collier Landry
C Cam Op: Taylor Bringuel
Edited by:
Recorded by: Joshua ‘Cartier’ Cutsinger
Assistant engineer: Colin Studybaker
Mixed by: Eric Stenman


Thrice performing "Hurricane" live at YouTube Space LA
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