Thrice - Stay With Me (TBEITBN Sessions) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 26, 2016
The New Album "To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere" Out Now.

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You were a silhouette, a shivering shadow in the mingled ash and snow
I took your fevered hands — felt like embers of the world’s dying glow
And you were feather light as I carried you quietly through the crumbling streets
And in the fading light, I could see in your eyes that somehow we were meant to meet
But would you stay with me
If you thought the war was over
And everything made right?
Would you still believe in us
Or would your love for me grow colder With no one left to fight?
Would you stay with me?
After the fever left, together we’d scavenge through the city and her scars
And when day would end, bar the door against the demons and the dark
We’d share a can of somethin’ and the bottle of bourbon I had hid away
It’d warm me from within, and you from without till I’d forget the chill and gray
It seems like every night, I lie in bed and worry that the world will start to heal And now I’m terrified that if it did you’d start to ask if what we have is real


Produced by: Don't Touch My Radio, LLC
Directed by: Collier Landry
Executive Producer: Taylor Bringuel
Production Coordinator: Victor Trubowitch
A Cam Op: Joe Barnes
B Cam Op: Collier Landry
C Cam Op: Taylor Bringuel
Edited by:
Recorded by: Joshua ‘Cartier’ Cutsinger
Assistant engineer: Colin Studybaker
Mixed by: Eric Stenman


Thrice performing "Black Honey" live from YouTube Space LA
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