The Three 4 Tens

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Psychedelic / Garage / Rock
Rainbow Quartz,file 13,LOUNGE
Formed in 1995 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Three 4 Tens play their own brand of psychedelic rock with shades of the punk aesthetic.

They have released 1 EP and 3 full length albums, starting with the "Throw Back Move EP" in 1998, released on the now-defunct Lounge Records. The EP, as well as numerous appearences on various compilations, including "Sounds of Psychedelphia", garnered the attention of File 13 Records which helped the band release it's first full length, 2000's "Change Is On It's Way". The album was then picked up by New York record label Rainbow Quartz, who put 'Change Is On It's Way' into international distrubution, as well as releasing the following Three 4 Tens albums, 2003's "Taking Northern Liberties" and 2007's "Down The Way".

The band has had a revolving-door lineup centered around guitarist Joe Tagg and bassist Jamie Mahon. The original lineup that recorded 'Throw Back Move' included guitarist Brian McNamara and drummer Jon Kois. Other past members have included guitarist/keyboardist Scott Rodgers who joined the band during the making of 'Change Is On It's Way', and former Burning Brides drummer Mike Ambs, and guitarist Joe Candidi, who joined the band during the makings of 'Taking Northern Liberties' and 'Down The Way', respectively. After some time off to pursue other projects, including the founding of the bands Solaram and St. James & The Apostles, Joe Tagg, Jamie Mahon, and Brian McNamara reconvened Three 4 Tens in 2011 with new recruits guitarist/keyboardist Mike Kiker and drummer Jeff Castner. There are plans for a new album to released on Rainbow Quartz in September 2011.
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