Long Cut Grizzly Music Video (Original Funny Song) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 14, 2008
Long Cut Grizzly

Lyrics and music by John Prayhard: www.myspace.com/johnprayhard
Cameraman/director: Trenton Fraser
Main Actor: Darren Stolz

Long Cut Grizzly
I chew it daily
It makes me feel so good
like a grizzly man should
I pack with my first two fingers
and my thumb
the smell lingers
in my nose i take it down
gotta dip in my lip now
feels so good
feels so gritty
in my lip
im feeling shitty
nicotine's in my system now
i wanna quit but i dont know how
so I chew a can every hour
and start to feel the fucking power
I flex my muscles all at once
I grind my teeth
I bite my tongue
I cant get over this addiction
It's my only confliction

Ive got the long cut grizzly flowin through my veins, the burning in my lips is driving my insane. My teeth are yellow and my beard is thick
and all the chicks wanna suck my ____
so where you gonna run you're never gonna quit the long cut grizz da dip da dip dip.

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