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Blown Speaker
This is C'monFormed Summer 2003 after Katie Lynn (x-Nashville Pussy/Famous Monsters) and Ian (x-Bionic/Change of Heart/Blurtonia. producer Weakerthans/Cursed) join forces and take on the shape of ROCK. Together with 1st drummer Randy Randy Curnew they barnstorm Canada, touring by any means possible (Toyota hatchbacks, borrowed gear, jam econo) and self-releasing their first record "Midnight is the Answer" on vinyl w/ a free cd early '04. Did (and we mean did) Canada 5 times over the next 2 and a 1/2 years, played SXSW twice, released 2nd LP "In the Heat of the Moment" in 2005 and 3 EPs (CD only) inbetween. Randy left the band in the summer of 2006 (see ya buddy) and up stepped Dean (x-Monster Voodoo Machine/All Systems Go/Damn 13). Over the following fall/winter we took a break from touring, worked on the new sound and then made a new record (Bottled Lightning of an All Time High). We put out a split 7" with Hot Live Guys in the spring of '08 and 3 7"s (including a split with Pride Tiger) in 2009 while racking up the road miles with 2 Canadian and 1 European tour. We recorded a bunch throughout 2009, working our latest record Beyond The Pale Horse and now we happy to report that it's out. We've had the honour of rocking stages with The MC5/DTK, Turbonegro, Danko Jones, Melvins, The Kills, Tricky Woo, Death From Above 1979, NoMeansNo, Backyard Babies, Evil Army, Brant Bjork and the Bros, The Darkness, The Illuminati (RIP), The Bellrays, Fucked Up, Bible of the Devil, Big Business, The Diodes, Electric Eel Shock, etc. We hate encores, Protools, soundchecks and people who get the music worried but love the sound & smell of analog tape and the sweat of togetherness. We play house parties and hayrides in small towns & big cities in clubs without stages and stages without clubs. We play Freedom rock, drive The Freedom Van (tm) and take Free rides on Freeways. We believe in community and we set it up to rock it out and then tear it down. We sleep later. Then we do it again. C'mon does not endorse (or make) videos but there's live clips at youtube/etc. If yr looking for recordings or downloads, all these fine folks have helped out: Zunior (downloads), Saved by Vinyl, War on Music, Out of Touch, Agony/Noise/Mayhem, Transistor 66, Yeah Right!! and Maple Music. Contact Yeah Right Records for mail order of "Beyond The Pale Horse" on vinyl. The cd will be released by Blown Speaker in a couple of weeks. We are not that fucking puppet band. They must be destroyed.
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