Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Reggae / Nu-Jazz
Plague Language 2008
The Weird Apples' debut album "The Big Crunch" is now available for CD purchase online at along with all other Plague Language titles OR

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The Weird Apples is the long-awaited collaboration project of Guelph MC's The Highlarious Livestock and Noah23 with Producer/DJ MadadaM.

"Combining adventurous production and two MCs with complementary styles, Weird Apples sound like pros on this gusty debut. Guelph’s Noah23 is damn near legendary in underground hip-hop; his lightning quick flow and thoughtful absorption of a wide array of topics is singular. Emerging as Noah’s partner in crime, DJ MadAdam has earned props for his edgy production and dynamic turntablism. The dark horse here is Livestock, another Guelph MC, whose deep growl is both warm and menacing. Together, the three have composed a wicked record, blending flash and grit for a dizzying head-trip. Street-smart theorists, Noah23 and Livestock bust politically-charged puzzles infused with subtle humour and a dead serious belief that mainstream information sources are bullshit. “Fuck Cars” is likely the most obvious example of their persuasive paranoia but “Mothman” and “I Got My Mind,” featuring a stunning Premier-influenced beat by MadAdam, contain layers of provocative ideas. Bolstered by engaging, entertaining beats, the Weird Apples’ The Big Crunch is a banger."

-Exclaim Magazine Aug 07

Song list for The Weird Apples debut album "The Big Crunch", 2008, Plague Language Records;

1. Sally

2. Blood

3. Mothman

4. Axe Murderer

5. Molecules Scatter

6. Nothing Sandwich feat. Hangnail

7. I Got My Mind

8. Weird Apples

9. Thieves & Cut Throats

10. We Alone

11. Equilibrium

12. Unique Perspective

13. The Great Nostalgia feat. Baracuda

14. Small World
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