The Wave

AUGUSTA, Georgia, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Christian / Experimental
The Wave strives to further the kingdom of God in the earth through music and to show God's love and grace to all we come in contact with. Through this, we hope that people will experience God and He will change their lives. The Wave believes that it is our duty to answer the call that God has given. This call is to go out to a world that is hungry for Him.

All members dealt with drug, alcohol, and disciplinary problems at young ages but have found new lives in Christ. The Wave hopes that their personal testimonies will allow listeners to relate to them as individuals, thus allowing doors of ministry to be opened.

"God hit me like a wave," says singer/songwriter Jonothan Powell. Powell uses the analogy of a child at the beach being "tackled and rolled over, totally caught up" in the wave, to illustrate his point. Filling out the band is bassist Keith Axelson and drummer Scott Fox, whose musical abilities compliment Powell's driving guitar riffs and distinctive vocals creating a sound influenced by 80's rock acts. However, all members agree that their sound does not necessarily resemble any of their influences. The result is a new style of skillfully written, straight-forward, hard rock.

The three members of The Wave have a good reason to rock. "I feel a deep need to share the Gospel," says Powell. "God has given me a gift and I should use this gift to share His message." Fox and Axelson agree. Fox states that his primary goal is to "glorify God and bring honor to Him through music." Axelson adds that it is our duty as Christians to further God's kingdom in the earth and he hopes that the band's music will help to "create a fundamental change in people."

The Wave writes songs from experiences that may be considered both individual and universal. Their goal is to write songs that minister and lead people to worship. "The way I write has changed as my heart and mind have also changed," states Powell. Axelson adds that "writing about something you don't experience is almost hypocritical."

The Wave has ether opened for, or played the same event with: Tait, Spur 58, Nate Sallie, Monday Morning, Andrew Peterson, Jamie Slocum.
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