The Verb

Seattle, Washington, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Surf / Garage / Indie

The 'Verb consists of four extroverts and one introvert. That is about all that is interesting about us as people. Raised in the suburbs, moved to the city, started wearing plaid. As a result, we've all thought too pretentiously about cinema or music. And since 4/5ths of the band are extroverted, you can probably talk to them about that. But if it is the other 1/5ths of the band please release them/him from the pain of a conversation with a stranger.

Our Michael Ball is not the same Michael Ball that stamped the shit out of Cristiano Ronaldo, who deserved that boot to the gut.

Somebody in the band visit's this page!. And doesn't think unprotected sex with AIDs nor the Bhutan Death March are humorous. Hint: they are, figuratively.

You can grab "Reverberated: For Your Pleasure" from the links below: The ‘Verb will send a tidal wave of surf rock over the airwaves. Their new album, Reverberated For Your Pleasure, is an instrumental affair, packed full with jangley guitars and catchy riffs. The ‘Verb sounds like they should be playing with hundreds of bikini-clad girls surfing and dancing all around them.

Morrissey would probably like our albums.

Joanna Newsom would probably like to be Jake's best friend.
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