The Valerie Project

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Psychedelic / Gothic
Drag City
Update 7/17/2009

Hopes continue to abound re: Euro touring but this Summer's plans were quashed by forces well beyond our control. In the meantime please order a copy of the new issue (104) of Musicworks which features an exhaustive and exceptional article on Valerie Project within as well as uses our cover art AS its cover! Awesome!!!

Update 12/5/2008

Plans continue forward for the Spring/Summer Valerie Project dates for Europe. If you are a promotor or an interested venue please feel free to contact Andy, our booking agent, at

We are all very excited to bring Val across the pond and into the eyes and ears of those folks who have written so many words of support and encouragement. And ceratinly, turning on as many other people as possible is great too. See you soon!

Update 4/15/08

Thanks to all who came out for our recent spate of shows. Toronto was especially amazing being that the show was a 400 seat sell out introduced by the head of the Czech consolate. We are currently attempting to make happy all those who have requested we return to England and play through Europe. We certainly want to bring this experience to all you folks overseas. We are currently at work organizing the next Project Series installment(s). More on that as the dust settles.

Update 9/30/07

MOMA, West Coast and Chicago dates are secured! Most shows will be to the rarely seen 35mm print. San Franciscans can buy advance tickets here:

We are actively booking Spring tour dates for both the eastern coast of the US and Europe. If you are interested in booking The Valerie Project at a film house, museum or cultural institution near you please contact us via myspace or the Project website:

Please scribble November 20th on a receipt or piece of scrap paper and scrunch it deep in your jeans or Brooks Brothers suit pocket. That is the release date for the CD/Double LP of The Valerie Project City. Art was custom supplied by Tracy Nakayama and painstakingly organised by our own Brooke Sietinsons. Describing it as stunning would be providing it a disservice.

Thanks to the Herculean efforts of record/mix engineer Brian McTear, The Valerie Project were able to record and mix 74 minutes worth of music in eight days, just in time for our harpist to to escape to Vienna for the summer. Where she is a nanny.

And finally, Jarvis Cocker's Meltdown Fest was a blast to play. But only half as good as the karaoke fun had at the after party.
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