The Undoing of David Wright

Denton, TEXAS, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Neo-soul / Progrsv House / Punk
The Undoing of David Wright Demo Tracks

Words From The Press

"The Undoing of David Wright is one of those bands that will become an underground music darling, they have the heart and the style to do it." - The Scatter

".creative, talented, unique and actually a blast to see live. The Undoing of David Wright will absolutely eat the lunch of these derivative little New Wave groups that you guys love to hype so much." - Dallas Observer

A few bands we have performed with: 45 Grave, Gravy Train, Kill Me Tomorrow, Dance Disaster Movement, Glass Candy, the pAperchAse, The Ex-Models, The Vanishing, Weird War, Scream Club, Danava, Joan of Arc, Femme Fatality, Attractive & Popular, Business Lady, Zom Zoms, Cry Blood Apache, Veronica Lipgloss & The Evil Eyes

In terms of how this feature was mythologized, it seems that when a planet, the sun, or the moon entered the dark cleft of the Milky Way in Sagittarius (which happens to be the exact center of the Milky Way, the Galactic Equator), entrance to the underworld road was possible, which could then take the journeyer up to the Heart of Sky.
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