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20 Septmeber 2010;

Hey all,

The Truths debut album, Above All will be released via Aardvark Records on the 29th September 2010. For information on how to purchase the album, please view the blog above.

Also, the new promotional video for Miracle Drug can be found on this page, or via youtube. Soon to be aired on your tv screens!

13 January 2009;


We will be recording at the end of Febuary and will be headlining a festival in the summer. Also we now have Jane Wallace of Success PR plugging the album at the major music radio stations.

To add to this, we have confirmed the new members involved in this band, you can see them by looking at the left of this page.

28 Dec 2008;


We currently have a plugger working tracks from our debut album at various radio stations including Radio One with a view to doing sessions and promoting the album which as yet does not have an official release date. Also, we will be resuming live dates in the new year with shows in London and we will be recording new tracks including Panic Beats and a single currently titled Your Gonna Dance.

We will keep you all informed of the plan.

20 Oct 2008;

Hi all,

We are still in talks with various people about the album, but it seems the credit crunch is biting and the labels are f***ed.

We are currently planning a video and new track for Christmas and maybe the album on itunes, but nothing is certain yet, but we will keep you all posted.

08 Jul 2008;

Hi All

The Album is now finished and ready for release, we are currently looking for a deal to get it out. We will let you know over the next few months what happening.

08 Apr 2008;

Hi All


22 Feb 2008;

Hi All

We are the featured band on Pirate FM next week (starting Monday 25th Feb).

There will be a tune on every night at 7.30pm.

11 Feb 2008;

Hi All

You can now find us and join us on facebook @

09 Jan 2008;

Hi All

The truths are on page 13 of Art and Soul magazine this month.

22 Nov 2007;

Hi All

Check out our profile on XFM and give us lots of votes!

21 Nov 2007;

Hi All

The band will be guests on Alex Fletchers show on the 2nd December for PhoenixFm.

We also have a new track up 'Hit the Streets for your listening pleasure also an article in this months Fresh Magazine.

20 Nov 2007;

Hi All

Tube Club Review;

"The Truths who are absolute gents. We tried to juggle stage times as they had some big label interest coming to the show and although we couldnt manage it, they conceded and went onstage and blasted through thier excting set that sends hairs on the back of the neck to stand up. We feel this could be the start of something big."

11 Nov 2007;

Hi All

See the Cornwall film festival trailer here, cut to Speed Of Life.

07 Oct 2007l

Hi All

The Truths have Triptych on the MVP film for tha coming issue of Wavelength Magazine.

"MVP" The Uk's Most Valuable Player's is a fast paced surf film showcasing the UK's best! Filmed in the Uk-Australia-Indonesia-France-America-Canary Islands-Hawaii and Barbados including personal footage from the surfers themselves edited by Micah Lester and Toby Atkins.

23 Sep 2007;

Hi All

New clip for What Fuels Your Fire? by Joel Dove of Dove Films is online so have a look. Also the band have been in the Cornish press for two weeks running, the articles will be uploaded in the pics section so check it out!

14 Sep 2007;

Hi All

We are supporting Scouting for Girls at the Bartenders Ball in Newquay on September 20th.

14 Sep 2007;

Hi All

We recently played what is sure to go down in history as the sweatiest gig of all time @ ROOZ STUDIOS near Old Street.

Kasabian, Zak Starky (OASIS, THE WHO), Noel Fielding and the Towers of London were all in attendance and a great night was had by all.

29 Jul 2007;

Hi All

For the last week we have been locked in the studio with Dare Mason recording what will hopefully turn in to an e.p. The songs we've put down are Against Perfection, Triptych, Strangers, and a brand new one called Hit The Streets.

We are really pleased with how the tunes are sounding.They should be mixed and mastered very soon. Bring some extra pennies to the gigs so you can help us out and buy a copy!

28 Mar 2007;

Hi All

The band are interviewed in 247 this month and also have a feature in Inside Cornwall.

17 Jan 2007;

Hi All

The videos are up at last for your viewing pleasure.

Big Thankyou's to Amanda Walsh (Director: Speed of Life) and Joel Dove (Director: Everybody's Crying Inside)

23 Sep 2006;

Hi All

TShirts/Hoodies etc @Solo Music, Truro.

Also we are supporting Rooster at the Pavillions Falmouth, 16th Oct, be there!

18 Jun 2006;

Hi All

The Band were filmed whilst recording and interviewed for Stoked dvd magazine, it should be out in August.

23 Jun 2006;

Hi All

The Band are being interviewed at rehersals this week for Atlantic FM, expect some pics and a time when it will be broadcast.

05 Jun 2006;

Hi All

The band have finished recording with the legendary Hugh Jones. The band completed three songs, Miracle Drug, the epic Jump Cut and Fear Is The Key.


Weedy indie, new rave, old wave, post-rock blah blah blah, at last a band to cut through all the bullshit and actually make you fall in love with music again.

Critical response to their live shows has been ecstatic, prompting one journalist to exclaim "The Truths are the best band I’ve seen in ten years”, Stoked magazine calling them “a sexy, aggressive wall of sound”, The Guardian calling them “absolutely f*****g amazing!” etc, etc.

After Anthony Neale (vocals) and Joe Taylor (guitar) met through a mutual friend they started jamming on Anthony's songs and almost immediately a strong musical partnership was formed and they knew they wanted to set the world ablaze with their music. "The chemistry was there from the start”, says Joe. “It just felt right”. Having met bass player James Goddard, Joe knew that he would fit right in. Simon Ward-Wilson (keyboards, guitar) and powerhouse drummer Dave Neale were the last pieces of the jigsaw. “After the first rehearsal it was clear we could make a sound bigger than the sum of our parts”- Anthony Neale.

Having recorded tracks with the legendary Hugh Jones (Hope of the States, The Bluetones, Echo and the Bunnymen etc) and Dare Mason (Placebo), while headlining the Cornish Live Music Awards at the Princess Pavilions, they attracted the attention of Paul Reeve (Razorlight, Muse) who looks set to produce the band in the near future.

With one of the most charismatic lead singers around and a huge stage presence as a band, they’ve been described as “something that’s been missing from British music for a long time”.

With their sights set high The Truths look set to kick the doors in this year, and take their place as one of England most exciting new bands.


Click the image above to buy a physical copy of the album or click one of the icons below to download.

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