The Tombstone

Coventry, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Minimalist / Experimental / Electronica
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Question 1. Who is The Tombstone? Question 2. What the fuck has it got to do with you? Maybe he is the Czech businessman that you so rudely got rid of when he came into your crappy little shop trying to buy a clock. Maybe he is an alien drowning morons in a lake. Maybe, just maybe, he is a sad old man in a wheelchair, dreaming of the day when he'll come face to face with the bear who put him into it. I think that there is a part of us all in The Tombstone, but by the time you find that out it will be too late and you'll find yourself buried in some whacko's garden, or tricked into taking Mr Smiley's place in his eternal pit, forced to smile forever. My only advice is ignore us at your peril, the bees are watching you and they report back to The Tombstone with their hypnotic dance. They tell him who to save when the end comes, and who has been making all those damn prank calls. You have been warned.

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