The Shinkickers

Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Artist / Band / Musician
Blues / Progressive / Experimental
Pumping out the coolest blues and spine tingling Celtic magic are The Shinkickers, who, in 2010, celebrated their 15th anniversary. An amazing feat for a Perth band, who started out as an acoustic 4 piece outfit that simply came together to play some blues at The Rosemount Hotel.
Over the years the band has grown, as has the fan base of this perennial favourite. The guys could play in a shed in the Gibson Desert and they'd still get their dedicated family of fans and followers, such is the musical calibre of the band.
With the likes of
Pete Romano, up front, with his powerhouse vocals, harmonica and guitars,
Gerry Quigley and his eclectic collection of guitars, amongst which are his no'1 (as he likes to call it ) a 1968 Les Paul gold top, Fender stratocaster, mandolin, Dobro and a double neck- a one of a kind mandola/bouzouki
Terry Pugh, the man with the mountain of keyboards who plays the Hammond organ, piano, synthesizer and piano accordion
Leroy Cleaver on drums with his solid backbone style and rocking beats
and last but by no means least, much sought after bass player Greg Thomson with his melodic rhythms and versatility
The Shinkickers will take you on a musical journey - a magical mystery tour for sure. One that will make you want to go back for more.
Time and time and time again.
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