The Rich Boys

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Talk, Talk, Talk.

"He's [Mitch] got a snarl like Johnny Thunders. In fact, the New York Dolls are probably the boys' sonic godfathers."- The Pitch"I predict The Rich Boys will dominate the KC rawk scene." - Steve Tulipana, Record Bar co-owner"To a scene dominated by self-important college rockers with their po-faced poetics and Civil War re-enactment drag, the Rich Boys are a passionate, hard rockin', beautifully vulgar antidote. Top Albums, 2008"- Steve Wilson, KC Star"These young dudes look straight off the cover of Marquee Moon and sound straight out of an abandoned mechanic-shop practice space downtown." - The Pitch"Rocking the stage like a band possessed, the group knocked out dirty rock song after dirty rock song with howling energy. Fantastic, and yet another reason why the KC rock scene could use some national attention." - Nuthouse Punks"If the Stones, AC/DC, and The New York Dolls walked into a bar, George Thorogood would be their bartender."- Jason Electric, describing the live show"The Rich Boys’ sonic fuzz and driving rhythms give them the same unpolished edge as other garage rockers like self-titled-era Kinks or The Troggs, but there’s enough sex and showmanship here to remind you of the New York Dolls, another of the band’s obvious influences."- Show Of The Week

These guys need to accept that they rock, that some people love 'em and some hate 'em and get to the business of being a kickaass, full-time rock and roll band. End sermon.

Find out what all the talk is about.See us live and join the rock 'n' roll!

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