Black Buddafly

New York, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
R&B / Pop / Hip Hop
Black Buddafly
The twins Amina and Jazz were born and raised in Hamburg Germany where the story of their musical journey starts.
Together with their older sister Sophie they began singing before they could talk their Mother says (a music lover who introduced the girls to the old Motown, The Jacksons, Earth Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye etc.). There was always music playing in the house. Dad, who was a Jazz musician, played the guitar, sax and salsa music all day long and Mom would sing with her daughters whenever she could.
At the age of 6 the girls joined a classical choir and soon after they started doing musicals and toured with local pop acts and gospel groups. They made up fun songs all the time and tried to imitate their idols (at that time american Divas like Mariah Carey, Brandy and Janet), started songwriting and the day they discovered studio recording it was over. They knew THIS was what they wanted to do. And there was no stopping them.
They signed their first record deal in 1997 with BMG germany and released a single together with former member Sophie under the Name "Choyce".
But soon they realized there was something missing. They were pushed into doing european dance music and the only way out was to leave europe and go where most of the music they loved came from. The USA!
In 2002, after a couple of more tries with other labels and production teams in germany and europe they took the big step. Without a plan, over night they packed their bags and flew to New York City with nothing but $600 dollars and a Dream.
Leaving everything behind in Germany, they had no "choyce" but to "make it in America".
And the struggle began.
Learning the language, studying the music business, sacrificing family and friends, getting used to living without any security, no home, no place to stay at times, no money, no friends (because they didn't know who they could trust), many disappointments, broken promises as well as understanding the American mentality and culture which they quickly adapted to nevertheless it wasn't easy.
BUT. it was all worth it.
Finally in 2004 after auditioning for a few other record labels they got to sing for LA Reid, Jay Z and Russell Simmons, thereupon signed a record deal with Island Def Jam. Having the 1st single release ("Rock-a-bye" 2005), a theme song on a hollywood movie soundtrack (Waist Deep "Bad Girl" ft. Fabolous 2006), several appearances on other artists records and compilations, touring the world while working with a countless number of their musical colleges (Tank, Ne-yo, Tyrese, Ginuine, DMX, Trey Songz, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Ludacris) and meeting some of their idols who always encouraged them to keep going (Missy Elliot, Brandy, Teddy Riley, Alicia Keys, Kimora Lee. ). they were living their dream and had achieved a lot
With the leaving of the oldest sister Sophie in mid 2006 came CHANGE!
Sad but at the same time Good change. It was difficult in the beginning but the twins were forced to grow and get better as they now were a duo.
Released from the label (due to internal discrepancies) they were back on their own, back struggling to make a living.
From her last money Amina bought herself a piano and started playing/composing everyday (she called it therapy).the sound had begun to evolve even more this time and the songwriting had become much more sophisticated.
Jazz got more into rock, alternative and folk music and they both learned a lot about themselves.and who they are as artists.
Jazz: "Being biracial it has always been hard to put us in a musical category since we're considered "black" everywhere and therefor expected to make only black "urban" music.but we think it's time for people to see that we ALSO got the white in us"
Their music has now advanced to a totally new level. pure, real,
big songs, truthful, meaningful lyrics, musical and organic sounds and peerless harmonies is what makes them not "just another girl group". In fact, they are Women nowwith only one more be accepted and respected in the music world for who they REALLY are!
Even with this very short version of Buddafly's (hi)story it's a plain fact that this is NOT just the beginning.but it is

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"Bad Girl (feat. Fabolous)"

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