The Pretty Things

London, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Garage / Psychedelic / Blues

WWWHHHOOOAAAAA!!!! To hear the brand spankin' new Pretty Things track "All Light Up", click here!!!!

Pretty Things friend Scarlett sent us the following APB that should be of interest to all you P.T.'s nuts out there."You may want to let the fans know that The Pretties have just finished recording a new album "Balboa Island" to be released either this summer or September. It's being released on Zoho record label in the States and soon after in the UK."

Another hot off the presses missive from Pretty Things friend Scarlett, who also happened to sing backing vox on the forthcoming P.T.'s record!!!!!!!!!!!!!."More Pretties news.There is a chance they are going to release "All Light Up" as a single on July 1st (to coincide nicely with the UK smoking ban!)"

To get the skinny on The Pretty Things, and to learn much about all that is cool and good, click just to the right to go to the UGLY THINGS!!! website. To get the PT's story, click on "Pretty Things" on UT's homepage, which will take you to the Pretty Things website. Then, when you're done with the riveting adventures of your heroes, scour every square byte of the Ugly Things site, buy everything they have to sell, and, like the sponge that you are, soak up all the wisdom they have to pass down. And of course, buy the latest edition of UGLY THINGS, the mag!!!

Whoa! To buy the new Pretty Things book "Don't Bring Me Down--Under" written by Mike Stax (Ugly Things), Andy Neill and John Baker with a foreward by Mr. Dick Taylor, click here.

To read a cool interview with Mr. Dick Taylor, click here.

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