The Preachers Kids

OXFORD, Mississippi, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Garage / Punk
Excerpt taken from therapist's notes: These Mississippi deviants are all too content to put themselves in the middle of a crash course pitting the ghost of Johnny Thunders on one end and Ol' Man Dickel on the other. These brothers in booze turn out whiskey-fueled mayhem matched by few trying to play the good old Rn'R these days. These scum rockers ask the question: Is Rock-n-ROll Dead? ---"HELL NO!" is the answer as Tyler Keith proclaims the good times are still yet to come from a beer- soaked stage. John Grissom, guitar wrangler from thee Magnolia State, helps sustain the feeling that Jack Daniels may be your best friend afterall. With Frank Coutch, the band is backed up by the best drums that a crew of Machiavellian Southern Boys could ask for, and that would include Skynard. Don't forget Van Thompson, the baby of the group. You can see the bad influence taking it's hold in this young southern hoss. All in all, the Preacher's Kids are GREAT! Get drunk, get rocked, Southern style!!
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