Overnight Lows - I Got Up - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 24, 2012
Here is a classic episode of ResidentBand... Now in HD! "I Got Up" by Overnight Lows is featured in this episode. This song was featured in the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars. You can hear it in PLL season 1, episode 1... during the flashback scene of Alison, Hanna and Spencer at Spencer's house.

We were so bummed when this band broke up, but luckily you can still hear lead singer Jules Larson's beautiful voice in her more current solo work. To check out some of the videos we've done with Jules as a solo artist, click the link below.

To get a taste of Jules Larson's 2012 solo release "Let's Stay Young", click the link below.

Following the band's break up, Overnight Lows' guitar player Joz Ramirez started the band The Deadlies. To check out some of the videos we've done with The Deadlies, click the link below.
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