Sting - Live in Berlin CD (full album) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 21, 2012
CD Live in Berlin Song List

00:00:00- If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
00:04:36- Englishman In New York
00:09:04- Fields Of Gold
00:13:57- Why Should I Cry For You
00:20:09- All Would Envy
00:25:22- Tomorrow We'll See
00:30:11- The End Of The Game
00:36:07- Whenever I Say Your Name
00:43:11- Shape Of My Heart
00:48:11- Moon Over Bourbon Street
00:54:13- Mad About You
00:58:18- King Of Pain
01:03:45- Desert Rose
01:08:18- Fragile

Sting BR/DVD Live in Berlin Song List

A Thousand Years
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Englishman In New York
When We Dance
I Hung My Head
Why Should I Cry For You?
Whenever I Say Your Name
This Cowboy Song
Tomorrow We'll See
Moon Over Bourbon Street
End Of The Game
You Will Be My Ain True Love
All Would Envy
Mad About You
King Of Pain
Every Breath You Take
Desert Rose
She's Too Good For Me
I Was Brought To My Senses

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