Rockville, Maryland, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Metal / Rock
Hellhound/Sony/Southern Lord
Originally known as WARHORSE, the band now known the world over as THE OBSESSED formed in the late 1970's in Potomac, Maryland. Guitarist Scott "Wino" Weinrich, heavily influenced by musicians/bands such as Black Sabbath, Frank Zappa, The Dictators and The Stooges, was joined by bassist Mark Laue, guitarist John Reese, and drummer Dave Flood for it's early line-up. Wanting to have a high energy frontman in the band, the group turned to then-PENTAGRAM bassist Vance Bockis to handle vocals. The band, along with guitarist Norman Lawson, who came onboard after John Reese parted ways in 1980, continued as a quintet until 1983.

That year, with Laue's encouragement, Wino took over on vocals and The Obsessed became a 3-piece, with Ed Gulli joining as the group's drummer. The trio recorded 3 songs, a recording known as the "Sodden Jackal ep". A later single- "Concrete Cancer", was included on Metal Blade Records' Metal Massacre VI in 1985. The deal at the time with Metal Blade (or the one presented to The Obsessed at least) was putting a song on one of the compilations, and then getting a full length release- which the band did record. Due to the times- a heavy Thrash Metal-era in full swing, Metal Blade decided against releasing the record.

Later in 1985, frustrated with the band's situation, Scott Weinrich would become the lead singer for a monolith-wielding Southern California unit known as SAINT VITUS. Then-Vitus frontman Scott Reagers had plans to leave the group, and upon hearing a recording of The Obsessed, personally suggested to Wino that he should take over as the singer for Saint Vitus.

After 3 full-length albums (Born Too Late, Mournful Cries, V), a live album, and one Ep (Thirsty and Miserable), Weinrich would resurrect The Obsessed in 1990 after Hellhound (Saint Vitus' label at the time) released the previously shelved full length Obsessed album that Metal Blade didn't release. Joining Wino were ex-ACID CLOWN members Danny Hood and Greg Rogers, on bass and drums, respectively. Sadly, Hood died in a motorcycle accident, and Scott Reeder (ACROSS THE RIVER) was drafted as the group's new bassist. The trio recorded LUNAR WOMB for Hellhound Records, released in 1992.

With Wino's standing in the music world becoming more widely recognized, the band were picked up by major label Columbia Records. Scott Reeder left to join KYUSS, and Guy Pinhas was his replacement. Weinrich, Rogers, and Pinhas recorded THE CHURCH WITHIN, released in 1994. Unfortunately this would be the Obsessed's final studio album. A tour with White Zombie followed the release of Church Within, an appearance at the Dynamo Open Air festival in Holland, and video play on MTV as well. After dealing with a number of major label headaches, The Obsessed walked away from their recording contract with Columbia, and disbanded in 1995.
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