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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
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Rock / Pop
Fearless Records
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5.11.09 - Pre-Sale Tickets for Shh.It Happens Tour

The pre-sale has started for the Shh.It Happens Tour! Pre-sale is only for a limited time so be sure to purchase tickets soon.

5.8.09 - Hometown Show!

We're playing a hometown show on June 5th at Diesel. Check out the details to this epic show here.

5.7.09 - Shh. It Happens Tour

We're coming out this summer on the Shh. It Happens Tour with Every Avenue, Cash Cash, Valencia, and Sparks The Rescue starting June 25th! Check out the tour dates and hope to see you all out there!

3.26.09 - Mozes Monthly Give Away

Join The Morning Light's Mozes Mob and have a chance to win our Monthly Mozes Giveaway Contest. For more details click HERE.

3.16.09 - UK & Europe Release

Our self-titled album The Morning Light has been released in the UK and Europe! you can pick up a copy at

3.10.09 - Sing It Loud Tour Starts Tommorow!

We're excited to be kicking off our Sing It Loud tour tommorow! Check out the tour dates--we hope to see you all out there!

3.05.09 - Video Interview w/ your questions!

Thanks to everyone who posted questions in our blog for our interview with Mainstream Killed The Indie Star. Check out video interview here.

2.24.09 - Post your questions for upcoming interview!

What's up! We're having an interview with Mainstream Killed the Indie Star soon and we want you guys to post questions to this blog. Indie Star will look through the questions and use some of them for the interview.

2.12.09 - Sing It Loud Tour!

We're going on tour in March with Sing It Loud, The Morning Light, The Summer Set, and The Friday Night Boys! Check out our blog for the tour dates.

2.5.09- Abraham Lincoln Video Interview!

We have a new video interview with our nation's greatest president, Abraham Lincoln. The Morning Light + Abraham Lincoln = Epic. Enjoy, and check back here for continuing updates from our tour!

2.3.09- Video Update

We have a new video update posted which you don't want to miss (snowflakes and magic tricks included)! We're also starting our tour with Ludo, check out all the dates on our Myspace page.

12.22.08- Our New Webstore!

We just posted up some merch in our online store. Make sure you guys scope it out and pick up some new swag!

12.5.08- New Tour Dates with Ludo

In February, we're going to be headed out on tour with Ludo, Sing It Loud, and This Providence! Check our homepage for all the dates and locations.

12.1.08- Tour Kicks Off Tonight

Our tour with Forever the Sickest Kids kicks off tonight in Syracuse, NY. Check out our blog for a list of dates.


New Tour Dates Posted

Hey guys! We just posted some new dates to our page with Ace Enders and Good Old War. Check out our dates and check out the blog for more details


Bad news.tour cancelled

Unfortunately we have some bad news. our tour with brighten and houston calls has been cancelled. :0( Check out our blog for all the details. We'll be sure to make it up to you soon!


Tour Kicks Off Today!

Our headlining tour with Houston Calls and Brighten kicks off today in Cleveland , OH! Check out the dates and we'll see you on the road!


New Tour Dates!!

We are heading out on a short headlining run with Houston Calls and Brighten starting next week! We will also be opening on three. tour dates with All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Every Avenue, and The Maine. For more info check out Our Blog!

10.16.08 - Last After-Show Hangout at Denny's!

On October 25th following our show in PA we are having one final Denny's hang out. Click for more information here.

Ludo Tour Update 1

Pre-Ludo Tour Update

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