Lord Humungus - Parasite/Plagued by Darkness - Kick the F*ck out of Cancer - Video
PUBLISHED:  Dec 30, 2013
Lord Humungus performing their songs "Parasite" and "Plagued by Darkness" live at The Machine Shop during Kick the Fuck out of Cancer benefit 2013. Filmed by Ian Pfister & Pamela Anderson. Edited by Ian Pfister for Welcome to this World Video Productions. http://www.facebook.com/welcome.to.this.world

The sound of Lord Humungus is unique. Mixing heavy progressive groove oriented guitar, walking funk laden bass lines, gut wrenching aggressive vocals, electronic samples, and furious thunderous drumming. A sonic assault that any and all metalheads can bang to. https://www.facebook.com/lordhumungusband

Lord Humungus is:

Russ "Love Muscle" Kolb - Drums, samples
Josh "Jish" Natzel - Guitar
Matt "Matty" Rovoll - Bass
Aaron "The Admiral" Whipple - Vocals
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