The Long And The Short Of It (Berlin Version) Jon Rose - Video
PUBLISHED:  Aug 17, 2012
The Long and Short of it - a multi-media composition for Improvising String Orchestra and Video premiered at Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin, Thursday 7th June, 21.30.
Clare Cooper -- Harp; Jürg Bariletti -- Piano; Olaf Rupp -- Guitar; Gerhard Uebel -- Violin; Jon Rose -- Tenor Violin; Audrey Chen -- Cello; Tristan Honsinger -- Cello; Mike Majkowsky -- Double Bass; Clayton Thomas -- Double Bass; Meinrad Kneer -- Double Bass; Klaus Kuervers -- Double Bass

The interaction of the live sound with the images from The Great Fences of Australia Project, is organized and strictly modulated through a time line structure and score that lasts exactly one hour and one minute -- conducted by a large omnipresent clock.

The Long And The Short Of It presents a festive celebration of improvised string music, featuring and contrasting the short strings of such instruments as violin and guitar, through the longer strings of cello, harp, piano, and double bass, to the longest strings in the world -- the fences that traverse the continent of Australia. The video includes music bowed from the longest string instrument on the planet, the 5,400 kilometer long "Dog Fence", combined with historical documentation of Aboriginal fence painting from The Northern Territory.

In this sonic story, the traditional balance of a string orchestra has been reversed. Normally in a chamber orchestra, there are many more instruments situated in the higher register (such as violins) proportional to the bass department. The Long and The Short Of It takes an alternative path and is purposely double bass heavy!

concert video shot by Konstanze Binder; fence footage Jon Rose and Hollis Taylor
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