James Brown

Barnwell, South Carolina, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Funk / R&B / Soul
James Brown passed away December 25, 2006. Our best wishes, thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Brown's family, friends and loved ones. We feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such a loving man, extraordinary musician, cultural icon and world class entertainer. James Brown was and will always be a true legend in every sense of the word. He will be missed by millions but his influence on music, culture and the countless number of lives he touched will carry on for decades to come. Rest In Peace Mr. Brown. God Bless. In loving memory, -The Intrigue Music Staff (Mr. Browns Management)We encourage you to leave your thoughts and prayers below.

The James Brown Music Education Foundation

In lieu of flowers, the family of James Brown has set up a new non-profit foundation, the James Brown Music Education Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to provide funds for music education and scholarships in the spirit of James Browns life-long wish to support music creativity and originality in young people. The foundations website can be found at: www.jbmusicfoundation.com. Donations can be sent by mail or made by credit card on the site.

James Brown's Funeral Arrangements:

Thursday, 12/28/06 : At the request of Reverend Al Sharpton, the Apollo Theater (125th Street NY, NY) has allowed viewing of James Brown in state. Public viewing with family and management in attendance. Times to be announced tomorrow. The Reverand Al Sharpton will be saying a prayer.

Friday, 12/29/06 : Private family service in Augusta, GA. The Reverend Al Sharpton will be presiding.

Saturday, 12/30/06 : 1 pm Homecoming Celebration at the James Brown Arena in Augusta. Open to public. The Reverend Al Sharpton will be presiding.
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